Max for Live


by K-Devices

Holder is a spectral freezing device. It grabs short slices of sound and transforms them to ambient textures. It is perfect for creating wide, lush soundscapes and atmospheric drones.

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Holder processes audio from ordinary instruments into completely new and different sonic landscapes. It freezes segments of your sound and enables you to 'hold' them as sustained textures. In the "Freezer" section you can freeze slices of sound manually or set Holder to automatically sync to Live's tempo. The "Mode" panel lets you rearrange the way holder reads the slices of audio. 

"Random" creates moving "Freezes", "Linear" creates micro loops and "Still" will grab and hold just the first slice. The "Dronizer" panel is where the special effects come into play with "Void", "Swarm" and "Blur" using video processing on the incoming audio to bring the sound to life.

You can use Holder as a stomp box, as a special effect to create ambiences, or as a morphing effect to create interesting loops. Don't be mislead by its simple control set, there is a world of sound to be discovered.

Sound design by Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines, Hyena, and K-Devices.

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USD 29