Orchestral Brass

by Ableton

A thorough set of vivid and colorful brass instruments. Features solo and ensemble French horn, trombone, trumpet and tuba, with a unique set of articulations in multiple section sizes.


Ableton Orchestral Brass is a thorough set of vivid and colorful brass instruments. Features solo and ensemble French horn, trombone, trumpet and tuba, with a unique set of articulations in multiple section sizes.

The Making of Orchestral Brass

Orchestral Brass was created in cooperation with SONiVOX. The samples were recorded using classical players recruited from the Boston Pops, the Boston Ballet Orchestra and the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Futura Productions in Roslindale, Massachusetts, a converted Masonic temple that operates as a state-of-the-art recording facility while preserving the acoustic hallmarks of a nineteenth-century recital hall. SONiVOX chose Futura for its unique acoustic character: The hall is small enough to lend a sense of intimacy, but large enough to accommodate the implied presence of an entire orchestra. Futura's acoustic signature adds a distinctively authentic flavor to Ableton Orchestral Brass. The sessions were engineered by Emmy Award-winning engineer Antonio Oliart and RIAA award-winning engineer John Bono, with executive producer Jennifer Hruska, who has more than twenty years of experience in the field of soundware development.

Key Features

  • All instruments are meticulously multisampled in a variety of velocities and articulations.
  • All instruments are perfectly integrated into Ableton Live's workflow. Instruments are loaded via Simpler, which is included with Live.
  • All instruments take advantage of SmartPriming, Live's new resource-efficient sample engine, allowing users to work with an impressive number of instruments in their compositions.
  • Includes special Rack versions of each instrument, with all articulations switchable via a single macro control in real time for maximum playability.

What is SmartPriming?

Using large sampled instrument libraries can quickly eat valuable computer resources and slow down the creative process. Ableton Live 7 introduced SmartPriming, a new resource-saving sample playback technology allowing users of large sample libraries, such as Ableton's Orchestral Brass, to use many instruments in their compositions. Due to Simpler and Sampler's tight integration with Ableton Live, SmartPriming automatically reallocates resources in real time from where they are no longer needed to where they are, without interrupting workflow. Once a sampled instrument is sequenced, Live knows the amount of resources required to play that instrument back and unloads all unused samples to open resources for the next instrument the composer decides to play. Essentially, SmartPriming is an under-the-hood technology that allows Live users to get the most from their computer's resources and take advantage of the realism and expressiveness provided by professional multisampled instruments.

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