Big Band Essentials 2

by ProjectSAM

ProjectSAM returns to the world of big band and jazz with Big Band Essentials 2. Focusing on characterful solo instruments and a powerful new rhythm section, this new Pack captures the distinctive characteristics of a wide range of string, wind and percussion instruments.

USD 99

Coming to prominence during the early 20th century, big band ensembles – usually consisting of 10 or more players and composed of saxophone, trumpet, trombone and rhythm sections – expanded the possibilities of jazz, creating an exciting hybrid of improvisation and structured, catchy arrangements. 

Following the success of Big Band Essentials 1, Big Band Essentials 2 sees ProjectSAM explore this sound palette even further. The instruments at its core are recorded and multi-sampled using numerous velocity-sensitive playing techniques, offering a breadth of versatile, adaptable timbres and precise control over tone and dynamics.

Exclusive to Big Band Essentials 2 are a unique pair of drum kits. The earthy, snappy sound of the Vintage Kit comes from a 1942 kit made entirely of wood (as all available steel was being used for the war effort at the time), while the Tight Kit uses a combination of vintage and new materials for a more modern tone. These two kits are complemented by a selection of bongos, congas and additional small percussion. Expressive MIDI clips in a number of rhythmic styles are imbued with the distinctive human swing and shuffle of classic jazz percussion, and serve as inspiration or the basis for creative experimentation. 

Big Band Essentials 2 is as capable of providing the sounds for your next film, animation or ad score as it is augmenting that new big band arrangement, or bringing a real-life musicality to your latest club production. Providing the skill, dexterity and musicianship of seasoned jazz players right at your fingertips, this Pack brings the authentic flavor of big band instrumentation to everyone. 

Pack Contents

  • Rhythm section featuring two vintage drum kits, plus bongos, congas and a small percussion kit

  • Solo piano, strings, celli basses (four articulations) and violins (two articulations)

  • Nylon string guitar, bass guitar and ukulele, each with two articulations

  • Wind  instruments (variety of articulations):
    • Tuba

    • Clarinet

    • Trumpet

    • Trombone

    • Sax

    • Trumpet & Sax Trio 

    • Harmonica

    • 21 rhythmic MIDI clips

    • 29 drum loops to quickly build a groove

    • 2 Demo Live Sets

USD 99