Digicussion 2

by Uppercussion

Digicussion 2 is a booster shot of synthetic drums for your electronic productions - designed to provide fresh inspiration for your rhythm tracks.

You need Live 9 Standard or above.

Building from Digicussion 1, Digicussion 2 provides even more pounding kicks, twisted snares, ambient stabs and complexly interacting layers. Crisp snares can dissolve into granular clouds, while expertly designed clangs and smacks fill out this essential set of sounds. Featuring more than 800 samples arranged into 50 Drum Racks, Digicussion 2 is ready to be dropped into your tracks - or customize your own Drum Rack and get the perfect, unique set of sounds. Explore the included MIDI clips and see what mayhem Digicussion 2 is capable of.

You need Live 9 Standard or above.