Get more from your samples with the overhauled Simpler

Simpler, Live’s powerful but easy-to-use sampling instrument, has been completely overhauled with a new interface, warping, slicing, and new analog-modeled filters built in conjunction with Cytomic. Slice samples across the keyboard, play single hits, or warp long samples so that they always stay in time with your song.

Watch: Working with Classic Mode

Watch: Working with One Shot Mode

Watch: Working with Slicing Mode

Improved waveforms, meters, and coloring.

New waveforms show more detail and zoom and scroll smoothly. To help keep your Sets organized, new clips take their track’s color, and tracks are now automatically colored by default.

Updated meters show both peak and RMS, to indicate both sudden changes in level as well as perceived loudness. This makes it easier to control the dynamics of both individual tracks and your overall mix.

Listen to the new analog-modeled filters

Great sounding analog-modeled filters

Live 9.5 introduces new analog-modeled filters based on classic vintage hardware models that will self-resonate, feedback, and distort beautifully. These filters were built in collaboration with Cytomic and are included in Simpler, Sampler, Operator, and Auto Filter.

More sounds, samples, and drums

The library of included sounds has been updated for Live 9.5 to get you making music even faster. This includes new drum kits, presets using the new analog-modeled filters, hundreds more one shots, and new audio clips.

Galactic Slap
Four AM
Floot Aboot
Poli: a polyphonic synth that excels at strings, pads, chords, and stabs
Bass: a monosynth designed for bass sounds
Multi: a synth designed for immediate tweakability from Push

Play inspiring new instruments

The new Max Essentials Pack includes three stunning new synthesizers with wide-ranging sound design possibilities and a streamlined set of controls.

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Introducing Push 2. The next generation of Ableton’s song-creation instrument is here.

Watch: Creating a song on Push 2

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