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The videos below show you how to get started with Push: from setting up and making beats, to turning your ideas into song parts. Plus we’ve picked out some of most helpful articles from our Help area.

There’s also a full chapter on Push in the Live manual, and if you want to take your knowledge further, check out our recommended training resources from the Ableton community.

Getting Started – create an account, register Push, get Live, connect Push

Creating Beats – create drumloops with the step sequencer and drumpads

Playing Chords and Melodies – discover Note mode and scales

Tweaking and Mixing – automate parameters and refine your mix

Session Mode – improvise with your musical ideas using clips and scenes

Pad Sensitivity – adjust the sensitivity and velocity curve of the pads

Workflow – from ideas to song parts

Step Sequencing – create chords and melodies with the melodic Step sequencer mode

Step Automation – change parameter values of Live Instruments and Effects per step

Push 1 Articles

Check out these articles and tutorials from our blog and Help area:

Push Training

Certified training

All over the globe, a growing group of Ableton Certified Trainers are offering approved Ableton Live and Push training at all skill levels, both for individuals and groups. Find training near you.

Online training

Discover some excellent options for improving your skills with Live right from your own workstation. Find online training partners.

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