Accessing more Push features through the Shift button

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Getting to know the Push features a little deeper can improve your workflow and reduce the need to reach out for the mouse even more. This is a collection of functionalities enabled by the Shift button, categorized by areas.


When browsing for Devices or Effects with Push, hold [Shift] and press the "Up" or "Down" State Control Buttons (right below the Push display) to move by a whole page.

State buttons.png

Hold [Shift] while pressing [Add Effect] to insert an Instrument or Effect to the left of the currently-selected Device.

This can be useful in order to add a MIDI Effect Device in a Track where an instrument already exists: first select the Instrument in a Track using the respective State Control button, then hold [Shift] while pressing [Add Effect].

This solution is also helpful for adding an instrument in a Track where audio effects already exist, for example if case that such audio effects have been saved in a default MIDI track.

Drum Racks

If a Drum Rack contains more than 16 sounds, hold [Shift] and use the Touch Strip or the [Octave Up]/[Octave Down] buttons to move up or down by single rows of pads. Without pressing [Shift], the same controls will let you move up/down by 16 pads.

Scales Mode

While in "Scales" mode, hold [Shift] to access a number of additional Note Layout options.

Scale Modes.png

For a detailed explanation of these options, refer to the dedicated section in Push's manual.

Note Mode / Melodic Step Sequencer

The [Octave Up]/[Octave Down] buttons shift the range of available notes of one octave. Hold [Shift] to move a single semitone when pressing the [Octave Up]/[Octave Down] button (or the Touch Strip in Melodic Step Sequencer mode).


Whenever an automation exists for a certain parameter, touching the respective knob overrides it, and the re-enable automation button lights up in Live. Holding [Shift] and pressing the [Automation] button re-enables the automation.

Session Mode

Hold [Shift] while in Session Mode and the pad grid zooms out to reveal an overview of your Session View. Pressing the Push pads will then let you move by blocks of 8x8 slots.

It is also possible to just hold [Shift] and press the up or down arrow button on Push to move 8 scenes up or down.

When a project contains several tracks, hold [Shift] and press the left or right arrow buttons to move by 8 tracks left/right at a time.

Finally, you can hold [Shift] and press [Stop] button to stop all clips according to the Global Quantization setting.

Clip Workflow

When Clip Workflow is active, [Duplicate] creates a new scene and duplicates the currently-selected Clip. Holding [Shift] and pressing [Duplicate] creates a new scene containing all the currently-playing scenes.


Holding [Shift] while turning an encoder will let you adjust the respective parameter with a finer resolution.

Hold [Shift] and tweak the Master Knob to adjust the Pre-Cue Volume.

[Shift] in combination with the Tempo Knob changes the BPM of 0.1 increments.

While Live is not playing, hold [Shift] and press [Play] to return the transport to 1.1.1 without starting playback.

Holding [Shift] and press [Undo] to Redo.