Free Stuff Friday: Unique Filter, Chord Generator, Drum Machines and Pinecones

What’s even better than receiving free stuff? That’s right, getting some time to use it. That’s why the free stuff rolls around on Friday. (Free Stuff Wednesday just doesn’t sound quite right). As always we’ve picked out some inspiring devices for you to get to know over the weekend – including a Max for Live filter, a chord generator Rack, and samples from classic drum machines and pinecones (an excellent percussion source, in fact).

Faster than a speeding cutoff


Amazing Noises’ Maurizio Giri presents Superfilter, a new, souped-up filter effect for Max for Live. Switch between 24 dB and an extreme 48 dB for the filter slope, with adjustable resonance and overdrive parameters. Make a gradual sweep, or introduce sharp, disruptive cuts to your sound. Check out Superfilter in action:

Strike a chord

Live’s Chord MIDI effect makes it easy to make a chord, but do you know which notes you need? Certified Trainer Yeuda Ben-Atar aka SideBrain makes it easy with a set of free chord generator Racks - one for major chords, and one for minor. Set the level of each interval with the macros, and add automation for a moving chord sequence. Need to know which intervals go well together? Yeuda’s got you covered with a chord cheat sheet.
Download Chord Generators


Vintage beats and… pinecones?


Puremagnetik sound designer Micah Frank has two new Packs to offer for free. Wicked Kits is packed with samples taken from classic drum machines, including the SP12, seen in the image above, as well as synths, and vinyl.

On a more unusual tip, Pine Percussion samples the crisp coniferous sound of pinecones and branches from a fire-ravaged forest in Israel’s Carmel region. If you’re a fan of the snappy sampled percussion of artists like Matmos and Matthew Herbert, then you’ll definitely dig these tools. Hear a sample below:

Download Wicked Kits and Pine Percussion

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