Live lernen

The videos below show you how to get started with Live. They explain setting up audio and MIDI hardware, and using Live’s Session and Arrangement views, among other Live fundamentals.

Also explained are the new Simpler features Live 9.5 brings, with five videos showing you Simpler’s classic, one-shot and slicing modes as well as its new warping capabilities.

You'll find links to additional videos and training options below. And you can always find support in Live’s built-in lessons, accessible via Live’s Help menu.

Installation and Setup

Please check out these instructions here for downloading, installing and authorizing Ableton Live.

Einbinden eines Audio-Interfaces

Einbinden eines MIDI-Controllers

Audio aufnehmen

MIDI Beats und Melodien

Mit der Session-Ansicht arbeiten

Session View to Arrangement View

Audio exportieren

Optimieren Sie das Set-Up Ihres Audio-Interfaces

Get sounds into Live and Simpler

Simpler - Classic Mode

Simpler - One Shot Mode

Simpler - Slicing Mode

Simpler - Warping

Going Further

Find out how to get the most out of Live 9's tools for converting audio to MIDI.

Learn how to get started with Max for Live. Discover a world of devices and learn to create your own.

Check out our featured tutorials from the Ableton community.


Certified training

All over the globe, a growing group of Certified Trainers are offering approved Ableton Live training at all skill levels, both for individuals and groups. Find training near you.

Online training

Discover some excellent options for improving your skills with Live right from your own workstation. Check out our online training partners.