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Explore North African Music with Max for Live - Sufi Plug-Ins

Jace Clayton aka DJ /Rupture has a globe-trotting and taste-making reputation that precedes him. Working with Beyond Digital, an artistic collective based in Morocco, Jace collaborated with programmer Bill Bowen, designer Rosten Woo and Hassan Margui, a musician from the North African Amazigh (or Berber) culture. The result is the Sufi Plug-Ins, a gorgeous set of seven free Max for Live devices that bridge the gap between traditional North African music and modern electronic tools. Watch a preview of the Sufi Plug-Ins:

It's safe to say that the Sufi Plug-Ins are one of the most ambitious and unusual projects that we've seen from the robust Max for Live community. Each synthesizer can be played using different selectable North African microtonal scales. Further, the design of the instruments reflects the collaboration, with parameters labeled in Amazigh script (English translations are in Live's Info view). Hover over a control, and you'll likely be greeted with a short passage of Sufi poetry to help inspire you with your music-making.