Yamaha Electronic Drumkit, Ableton recognizes theres input, but nothing triggers

I am using ableton 8, I have a yamaha electronic kit and an edirol um1-ex usb/midi adapter.

So in ableton, I have selected the um1 as my midi input, when i hit a pad, the little yellow icon flashes in the top right of the screen.  Now I made a midi track and threw in a preconfigured drum rack.  pressing any pad on my electronic kit does not trigger any note value on the entire drum rack, however, ableton yellow light still blinks notifying me that theres input, but it just seems to be mapped to nothing?

Now, just to check, I hit the Midi button on the top right, and mapped a pad to some arbitrary setting, which worked.. I could trigger the setting on/off.  My pad comes up as being "g1" according to the midi menu.  In the drum rack, there is a sound clip associated with G1, however playing this pad does not trigger it.


any idea why? its bothering the hell out of me.


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    This is usually a preferences issue or a routing issue or both.

    What you can do to narrow it down is to first set your midi input on your midi track to your drum port, with All Channels selected. If this works, then Yay! if you are unable to find your drum port on the midi I/O in the track, then open your preferences and go to the tab called MIDI. This will allow you to see all of your midi ports, and what they are turned on to do.

    Remote means that they can control certain parameters of Live, Sync means they can send and receive midi clock data, and Track means that you are able to send them into a midi track, and therefore into an instrument.

    You are interested in Track. Let's look at the Drum port that you want to play on, and Turn the track button on for that port. Then go back to your midi track itself, and set the input to the drum port that you just turned on (with all channels). It should work now.

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