X-TOUCH Mini - setup problem

I'm trying to get my X-touch mini working in Ableton, it works ok in MC mode, but i don't want to use it like that; I've created a UserConfiguration file, mapped all the encoders/buttons where I want, but Ableton doesn't seem to do anything when I move an encoder


If I click MIDI map in Ableton, I can map a control directly from the x-touch to a specific control, so its definitely getting midi data - but again I don't want it set up like that, I want for eg to be able to switch channel and have the first 8 macro controls automatically mapped to the 8 encoders on the x-touch mini




(also, what is going on with this text edit here? the javascript is missing out letters, for eg: "also, w  goingn with thitext eiditor here, evascript is misngut letters" - is what I get if i type that same sentence without waiting for each letter!)


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    I don't have much experience with the UserConfiguration file. But did you get the X Touch Mini to work with Live in its default configuration?

    As for your encoders automatically mapping to the first 8 macro controls have you looked into DDC (Dedicated Device Control) by http://www.nativekontrol.com?

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