Generate Automation Data from the volume(waveform) of Audio Track A and then apply those automation to MIDI track B ?



i am a newbie to abelton live...worked a lot on logic before!


i am working on a project where i use a ENTTEC DMXIS USB to DMX converter to automate lights in a costume, while playing the audio track of a theatre piece...

This hardware has a VST plugin, which can be placed on a MIDI trck an then be automated.

there is a dedicated audio track with speech, and the costume has a light for the face...

what i try to achicve is somehow take the waveform info or the volume of certain frequencies of the audio track containing the speech and use this to generate automation data for the midi track which will then make the face light in the costume flicker, like a lip sync effect.


i could do it manullay over a APC but its too many performers and 70 minutes speech for each person... so i am looking for a way to save me 2 weeks automation work=)

anybody has a idea how to achive this?


thank you in advance!



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  • mcbpete
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    Hopefully you have the full suite and thus Max4Live as this can be easily done using an envelope follower max4live device -

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