Wrap Max4Live around a 3rd party plug - to create custom interface in lives device bar

I want to create a GLUE compressor style display for UAD LA-2A levelling compressor.. is it possible to connect the plug to max for live device.. eg.. like the 16 macros ability.. to map to the LA-2A compressor plugin and then all be controlable from a max enclosure.. this would really save time having to open and close plug in windows.. i love glue compressor and use it instead of my AUD SSL comp plug - but now i want to roll out the experience to all my other plugs and ill learn how to do it IF its possible.. if that makes sense... im certain its possible.. 
also another idea i had: is it possible to take a screen shot of a plug in area and replicate that within the ableton device bar and control it from there?
love, ben the dreamer..

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Fantismo 4 years ago | 0 comments

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