working on the same .als file with two different computers

I recently bought a PC notebook to complement the Mac that I use at home—I was hoping to work on .als projects on both computers, but am having trouble figuring out the best way to use iTunes songs one each computer. I'm on icloud, but icloud doesn't let you carry the song over to Ableton on the PC. What's the best way to store my music to make it available on both platforms? Also, what's the best way to "collect and save" an .als file to make it available on both computers, with no missing files? Thanks!


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    About using music: have you considered something like Dropbox? Easily accessible via an internet connection: pick the tracks and drag them into Live.
    An external HD would also do the trick.

    About saving: if you want to make sure the Ableton project is fully complete, save it in a project folder and use "collect all and save". Select all 4 options of samples, so Live saves every sound and preset that is associated with this project.
    After that you can move the entire folder, including all samples etc.

    Note: Live projects only work on both mac and pc if you have compatible versions on both, and have the same vst's installed.

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