With AKAI LPD 8 and drum rack i didn't manage to keep a pad toggle on a preset and use another preset... Is it possible.

I'm french and my english is not very good


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  • Carlosnik
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    When you use a Drum Rack, you can choose what Entered Musical Note should be doing the Exit Note.  For example, if you press C1 = C1 , if you press the Patch C3=C3, then, if you change the source Note, you can change the pattern in the drum rack.

    Try to open the CHAIN button from the Rack, you will discover that options I am telling you about.

    Anyway, if you are navigating presets on you LPD8, please check if the Patches are changing too, if you have change the Presets, you also need to pass the Mode to PADs, because if not, the Patcher wont work.

    Regards, Good Luck!

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