Win 10 - Push 2 -Live 9.7 - Live holds graphics for 1 second and then responds again

Have a very strange Problem.

Win 10 - Push 2 -Live 9.7 - 8 GB RAM - SSD Drives - i5 Quad 3,2GhZ

30% CPU Usage - 15 tracks - spire and some NI Plugs Used RC24 RC 48, Replika XT

new tracks takes 20 seconds to create

moving of tracks inside the DAW take also round about 10 seconds to move

When working graphics stop for 1 second - meters hold the postion and then move forward, when I toogle some push 2 buttons f.e. filters etc. they stop also so no smooth operation here possible.

Already changed Graphic card, but this was not the issue at all.

I got so far no problems with it - but this is not funny to work with, as I perform live with push 2 - it does not repsond as usally  to my filtering etc.

any ideas???


oriepl 11 months ago | 0 comments

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