Will This Set Up Result In Latency / Problems?


I really feel like I've missed a part of my education on this, shamefully.

My question is:

If I set up a midi over USB keyboard, e.g. Novation Launchkey Mini with Ableton, to play Native Instruments plugins, will I experience latency or problems when I record midi since I don't have an external sound card?

My system is a PC laptop, 6GB RAM, i5, with ASIO4ALL.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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    UP !!!

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    Hi there, 

    This question is not easy to answer by just reading the specs of your system, but you can actually test the latency on your machine with applications like DSP latency checker. 

    You can download this tool here: 


    This lets you simulate different system loads on your computer, so you get an idea what your machine is capable of in terms of dealing with audio and the resulting latency. 

    Generally speaking, an external soundcard is not required to record MIDI and this should be working well on your machine. 

    Hope this helps, 


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