Will official factory Live Packs work seamlessly with Push?

I know Push integration is pretty limited with third party VSTs but what about Live Packs? Will official Ableton Live packs, like Retro Synths by Puremagnetik for instance, be natively browsable from Push with macro knobs mapped and all or not? Doesn't seem like much but that's kind of a deal-breaker for me. Just having the Core Library available until the end of time is pretty lame. :)


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  • mcbpete
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    Push integration with VSTs seems to have got a lot better since the 9.1 update. But yes Macro stuff (like in those packs) will be mapped and named automatically to the 6 knobs at the tops of the controller and can be added from the packs browser directly on the on screen display of the Push.

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  • jestermgee
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    Actually Push integration has not changed at all from 9 to 9.1. It is still exactly the same affair but is fully workable.

    Also, there are 8 macro knobs, not 6.

    Push is first and foremost designed to work with Ableton and ableton specific plugins and content. All ableton packs use ableton devices and all the ableton devices have not only macro control but pretty much every function in every device can be accessed using "bank" selections on push. So in short, yes, push will integrate brilliantly. If you don't mind creating instrument racks for your VSTs then you can get pretty integrated control over these too. It's all good.

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