Why would I still have Ableton Live 9 Lite after I upgraded to Suite?

If the title didn't elucidate enough, allow me to - I went into my control panel [Win 8.1 x64] the programs section, clicked tab to organize by size and I noticed I have "Ableton Live 9 Lite - 1.37GB Ver" & "Ableton Live 9 Suite - 1.37GB Ver" <-which is even stranger because isn't it Version 9.7.2 at the moment? I've updated Suite & Max4Live a few times - unless those version numbers aren't connected in anyway. 

Basically is this normal, do I need to keep the Live 9 Lite aswell as the Suite [1.37GB free would be nice lol esp. if it's currently redundant] or would it adversly effect my version of Suite [ie You need both installed for Ableton to do its thing]

I did have live 9 lite sitting around since I bought my Akai Pro MPK 261 Midi Keyboard [came free with it - didn't bother installing because I knew it'd be bottleknecked - but then I did install it months later when I bought Ableton Live 9 Suite w/ Max4Live.

Its odd too, most paid [well, and freeware too]  upgrades/updates just write over the original files. Never happened before.

Dunno if it helps but I have an HP z230 Workstation Tower. 

Thank you in advance, to anyone who knows how or even tries to help, it's much appreciated!


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    You should be fine getting rid of A9 Lite - When you installed the suite it probably saw you already had a previous version and asked you whether you wanted to keep or replace that install, maybe you accidentally hit 'keep'....

    Strange about the version numbering. Double check in Help->About to see what you have. If it is indeed v9.0 just log in to your account here and download the latest version in the 'Your Software' section (Currently 9.7.2)

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