Why won't the names of my Ableton rig's MIDI controllers listed in the MIDI mapping browser

Hi Everyone!

I am a guitarist and have recently been bitten by the Ableton bug and am having a blast with it as I continue to navigate it's steep learning curve.

One thing that I've discovered at this early stage that seems inexplicable to me is that the names of my individual Midi controllers are not identified in the Midi Mappings browser window, nor are they able to be added and labeled for identification purposes! I haven't been able to find a single reference anywhere to another person scratching their heads about this! It seems that it would be a minor fix to have the MIDI controllers that show up on the Link/MIDI preferences page also appear in the MIDI Mapping browser if they're actually being used in the mapping process. Am I missing something obvious, or am I already on my way to making things more difficult than they should be!!!???! I currently have 2 KMI SoftStep2's (one for Live9 & 1 for my Eleven Rack) and a KMI 12 Step (for synth pads & bass pedals) on the floor. I also have a Push 2, Axiom 25 and Oxygen25 all within reach. So far I've only been mapping to the KMI floor controllers but it still can be a bit confusing while trying to tweak my mappings to get them to go with my newbie workflow!

Has this ever posed any issues for any of you?


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scottfbrownmusic 7 months ago | 0 comments

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