Why won't my samples play on Drum Rack?

Hi, when I drag in a sample from the Samples/Waveforms/Drums section of Ableton 8 onto my drum rack it loads but isn't playable? When I press a key, nothing happens. On the Drum Rack Pad it shows a square with a drum sound on it, but there is no play button on the square. When I look at the chain and the sampler that loads the sample closely, it isn't turned on? The "on" button on the sampler is grayed out and I can't turn it on. What do I do to fix this? Thank you.


btw, impulse works when i load in samples.


Kevin H 5 years ago | 1 comment

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  • Bebopbob
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    Is the track record-armed? You have to be in the right octave as well.

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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