Why not put a "Cue button" on the master output section ?

Hello everybody,

How can I route the master thru the cue output ?

I can't find the answer of this question anywhere.

The trick is that I sat up my gear for a show where I need to route signals to everyone's headphone and a multi-point sound system as long as recording on external two tracks machine while playing all kind of tracks in Live 9.2

As I use a "Dangerous Music SOURCE" for monitoring, I usually feed the Analog input with the Live 9 Cue Output and the master goes into the AES input of the SOURCE. But in the set up I described briefly, the analog In is already used so I can't switch this way in my earphones from the cue output witch I need to control what happens everywhere, to the master output. The only mixed output I can hear is one of the return tracks by clicking it's "cue" button. Why not put a "Cue button" on the master output section ? Or like certain mixers, cue could be fed by master when no "cue button" is pressed ? Even if routed to a different physical output I mean, every sound mixer does that. It could be an option in the "preference panel".

Or is there a stupid answer I'm too blind to find ?

Thank you if you can answer.




Dusson 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Read the part about setting up cue channels.
    The mixer has 2 settings: solo or cue.
    When set to cue, there is a cue option on the master channel and you can route that to any output you have.
    Or is this not what you mean?

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  • Malk75
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    thanks all for the advices


    i have a problem : i dont understand why when i set a track to the cue out , ok i hear it in my headphones but I  also hear it in the master out ?

    is there a possibility to in one action set a track exclusively to the out  cue ? 










    2 years ago | 1 comment

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