why is there latency no matter what?

I have a video game called Rocksmith 2014 that uses a USB cable connected to a guitar to play along with songs. The game costs $60 and I have never noticed a shred of latency, no buffer settings needed. Another program I use to use is Adobe Audition, same thing... I didn't even know what latency was for the six years I used it!!  Now with Ableton Live I know Latency all too well.   Is it impossible to have  no latency in $300 software? No matter how much you change the buffer settings there is still latency, leaving me to zoom in and sync up everything myself.


Has anyone discovered a workaround yet? I've read many other forums that say it can't be done in Live.


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    Hi Duke, 

    Latency is mainly determined by the audio interface/sound card you are using and the corresponding driver. Depending on how many computer resources your current Live set is using, this latency can increase, this works the same in any major DAW. I don't know which forum posts you are reading here, but it seems the people writing them are not focussing on being helpful. 

    Chances are, that Adobe audition is using a different default driver, maybe comes with its own driver. 

    Live is by default referring to the Windows MME/direct X driver, which is far from ideal for a DAW and introduces a fair amount of latency. As a workaround you can use the stock ASIO driver of your interface, or use the asio4all driver, for generic soundcards. 

    All this is explained in detail on our Learn Live page over here: 


    We still would love to hear from you regarding your license information, as we can not find a $300 license on your account. 

    Until your license situation is resolved, I will lock this thread and kindly ask you to refrain from posting on Answers. 




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