Why is there a 4 beat gap between 2 midi clips?

I am in session view. I have 2 midi clips in 2 adjecant tracks. The first one is drum track, the second one is a bass track. Each are 3 measure of 4 beats each for a total of 12 beats each. When I play them as a scene, they play together as intended. When I try to play them one clip at a time (I hit green arrow in drum track;once that clip starts playing I hit green arrow in bass track and that arrow starts to blink) there is a 4 beat gap before 2nd track starts to plaback. How do I eliminate gap? Why is it there at all? Thank you.


etruscan 5 years ago | 0 comments

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    Hi etruscan,


    This is happening due to Launch Quantization - Live by default doesn't launch a clip immediately if the transport is already running, instead it will wait for the next bar (or whichever value you set it to quantize launch to) before it starts. This usually makes it easier to launch and re-launch parts of your track / song while keeping them in time, but it does require some getting used to. I'd suggest two things to look at:


    * Play around with different quantization values in the transport bar (the selector is between the "Back to Arrangement" button and the Pencil Tool button). Try turning it off altogether, too (setting it to "none"). Hit the clips to understand what difference it makes.


    * Consider using the Scene Launch buttons on the Master track to launch multiple clips together.

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