Why is my project in Live 9 running with an empty cache?

Hello everyone,

I'm a long time Live user and I was used to have a very large cache folder, usually at around 60 GBs (I dj and do live mash-up sets). This became a problem every time I had to reinstall the OS because Live would crash while converting the mp3s to wavs in the cache folder. My solution was to backup the cache folder in an external drive and copy it back once the OS was reinstalled.

I have recently upgraded to a new MacBook Pro with 8 GBs of RAM, but a smaller, 256 GB SSD hard drive. In this new computer HD space became much more important, so I have recently decided to reorganize my project and delete some samples (to cut space in the cache).

Now this is where something strange happened. After a while deleting and organizing samples I decided to completely delete the cache folder. This was designed to force Live to re-read the samples and create new wav versions of the remaining ones (I am aware that the 'clean cache' function does basically the same thing, but I am a stubborn old school guy). After deleting the folder and erasing from the trash bin I restarted Live and to my surprise it worked perfectly *without resampling*, therefore the cache folder is empty, but Live is unaffected.

I am assuming this is normal behavior, but since I have not heard anyone talking about this I decided to ask you if you have had similar experiences. Is the cache folder unused in Live 9 running with an SSD Hard Drive?

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    Ok, well, its not usual for me to do this, but I want to do it public to prevent to all Ableton live users:

    Some weeks ago I download the ableton 9 trial version, just to tried of course, then I start to make a project, to see what it does feel the new version, and of course to try all the new features, and then I said ok, I will buy it, but as I have a nice plug-ins and instruments collection I will buy the standard version, and I did it, then when I have installed the standard version, I open a project (the previous project) which I was working when I tried the trial version but it shows a prompt saying that I can´t save or export the current project because it contains an un-authorized plug-in, in this case was the plug in "Amplified" (not bad but not a big deal if you ask me), I though Ok, I will remove that plug in to keep working on the project, I did it, but the restriction does not disappear, and.. I can´t save the project…even if I remove the plug-in in question the software keeps with the restriction…¿why?…its absurd, Its sounds to me from ableton : or you buy the plug-in or you forget the project, even…, even if you don´t want the plug-in that we offer….sad sad sad ableton, very bad, unprofessional I would say.

    Of course, I wrote them, and I never get any answer from ableton, too bad :(

    So, be careful Ableton user, the company is trying to force you to buy their plug-ins and instruments using this disgusting method. A good deal will be, if you don´t want the plug in, you should be able to remove them to keep doing your work without the un registered plug ins. Is right if them don´t let you use un-registered plug ins, but its not fair if you remove the plug-ins you are still not able to keep with your work.

    This policy from Ableton is a shame. And I have a song lost.

    4 years ago | 1 comment

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