Why is my latest import of the same mix so much muddier than the previous version?

Hello... I still have much to learn about Ableton and was hoping you could help. I made my friend a music mix with Ableton for her birthday... two nights ago, it was sounding pristine -- even on my smartphone with inferior earbuds. I made some tweaks last night -- nothing major, just added a few additional tracks... yet the whole mix is vastly inferior to the previous one: it sounds muddy and quiet starting from the first track... the previous version (which I fortunately saved) still sounds great. 

Could any of you more advanced users advise me on some things to check that might be the culprit? What could have changed the sound quality so drastically? Are some imports simply better than others? I am a relative neophyte to the art of EQing, compression, and mastering in general, so the answer may indeed be an obvious one. Any advise would be really helpful... Please let me know. Thanks! 

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stattick 3 years ago | 0 comments

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