Why is 64b mode not allowed in the "show info" window of Live 9 Suite ?

Hi, I'm on Macbook Pro Retina, I downloaded my version of Live 9 a few months ago but I never noticed that it was not running in 64b until I try to rewire with ProTools 11. I downloaded choosing 64b and the .dmg is named "ableton_live_suite_9.1_64" ( that I upgraded to version 9.1.2 since then ).

In the "show info" window of Live app. the "low resolution" button is on and de-activate so it cannot be changed.

Does anyone know how this happened and what should I have done that I missed?

Thanks for help

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    The Live version you are using is outdated, and thus did not support the Retina resolutions. 

    Please install the latest version of Live 9, currently Live 9.1.7, from your account. 


    This version offers high resolution support, which will be activated by default on a Retina Macbook. 

    Hope this helps, 


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