Why doesn't Push translate Drum Racks within Instrument Racks as 4x4 Drum Pads?

I've been at my wit's end since buying PUSH right at the beginning of its existence.

PUSH doesn't recognise Drum Racks within Instrument Racks. It simply considers that the housing Instrument Rack is the most important aspect... whatever is inside it is irrelevant.

So since the start, I have needed to source external scripts to create this basic functionality.

Surely PUSH should be able to intuitively work out that the instrument type [chain] that's currently being focused on within an Instrument Rack is either a keyroll instrument or a drum rack instrument - and map it out onto PUSH's pads accordingly?!

It just seems so natural to expect that.

I depend on 1 instrument rack in my live performance that houses a series of drum racks on different chains [1 chain per song].

As you say in your FAQ - these external scripts are not advisable as you discreetly update our Ableton programs when we're online [which I'm thankful for] but then the scripts stop working. When faced with a live performance situation, this finding this out too late, by chance, is an absolute nightmare...

PLEASE just add this into PUSH's basic functionality. PLEASE!

I love Ableton. Keep doing what you do.

Thanks x


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  • dataf1ow
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    I doubt that Ableton will implement this into the script, and I think calling it basic functionality is a little unfair. I can understand why you want this as you have a performance setup in place (that you probably implemented before the Push was released). But the script works by querying the type of instrument/rack on a track. What happens if their is a drum rack and an instrument rack nested in an instrument rack? How do they display the note input then? 

    You could hack a workaround though (I'm not at home to test, just brainstorming this). Put an empty drum rack on a midi track. Put your instrument rack on another channel. Route midi from the empty drum rack track into your instrument rack. You'll lose the macros, but you'll play it as a quadrant. 

    In any event best of luck with any other solutions you come across. 

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  • Vladimir Naumov
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    I use Live 9.1.3 and everything works just fine. Push sees Instrument Rack with Drum Rack inside as a DRUM RACK now. Don't know when they fixed this but I had the same problems when I bought Push.

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    As this was indeed changed with one of our minor updates after Live 9.1, and you will see the drum grid on Push now, I guess we can close this thread. 

    To keep up with all the changes to Live 9, you can find our release notes right here: 




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