Why doesn't content from the Live 8 Legacy Pack show in the Live 9 browser?

I just upgraded from Live 8 to Live 9 Suite. In Live 8 there are a whole load of Instrument Rack presets (e.g. Guitars and Plucked > Guitar-Reggae Chords.adg) which I'd like to use but don't appear in Live 9. 

I have installed the Live 8 Legacy pack, however, when I click on "Instruments > Instrument Rack" in the new Live 9 browser these legacy presets don't appear. Neither do they appear when I search for them using the browser search bar. 

Am I missing something, or do I now have to click on Places > Packs > Live 8 Legacy Library > Presets > Instruments > Instrument Rack to get access to these old presets? 


Bungle 2 years ago | 1 comment

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