Why does the time ruler in MIDI clip editor show a different time from the arrangement sequencer

OK, I'm just new to Ableton Live so I'm still trying to get to grips with it but what I just can't seem to get my head around is this,,,,,,


When I'm in the arrangement view, if I record MIDI data ie: for a VST, when I go to edit the MIDI clip, in the piano roll view, the song position in the time ruler on the MIDI clip editor doesn't correspond to the song position in the main arrangement view.

For example.  If I have a loop set up on the sequencer from song position 1,1,1 to 17,1,1 if I record MIDI, when I go to edit the MIDI notes, the time ruler in the MIDI clip shows the song position as running from like 17,1,1 to 33,1,1 AND there appears to be 32 bars of MIDI notes, even though I only recorded 16 bars worth of notes!!

Can anyone help me out.


Sam73Tyler 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • david.barker
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    Hi there

    Its to do with the adaptive grid and zoom function.If you right click on the midi

    editor you can set the grid to say 1/16th notes,1 bar etc

    If you zoom out,the measurements increase and vice versa.


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  • Sam73Tyler
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    Hi there David.  Thanks for your help but I don't mean the grid resolution.  I know how to alter that, but what I'm referring to is the start and end positions that are contained within the Clip Edit View being different from the song position in the main part of the arrangement view.

    Like I said, I can have a loop set up on the main arrangement view which is a 16 bar loop from song position 1,1,1 to 17,1,1   SO, I start recording MIDI into the sequencer, but then when I go to edit the MIDI clip, the MIDI clip starts playing back what I've recorded but the start and End points in the clip view are different.  It's like starting at 17,1,1 and ending at 33,1,1

    I'm reading through Ableton Live 8 Power and in the chapter about MIDI clips, it says in the opening paragraph that MIDI clips have independent start stop and loop times.  Surely it would be easier if the MIDI clip had the same start and end points as the arranger view.  

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  • cybercom
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    For some reason, which defies comprehension, the MIDI editor starts 1.1.1 at the FIRST MIDI NOTE - NOT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SONG. If your first note is at measure 17, then the MIDI editor sets 1.1.1 at measure 17. If you right click in the MIDI editor, you will see a choice to Set 1.1.1 here. You have to drag the beginning of the MIDI Track in the arrangement view (not the notes, just the colored bar above them) to the first measure of the song, set the CTI in the MIDI editor to that start position (which will show up as -17 in this case) then right click and "Set 1.1.1 here." Now the arrangement view and the MIDI editor measure counts will correspond. HTH  < ')%%%><(

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