Why does the External Audio Effect effect mute audio from a Utility instance whose width is set to 200%?

I want to route audio that has been processed by an instance of the Utility effect whose Width parameter is set to 200% (outputs only the difference between the channels in a stereo signal). Using the I/O channel selectors lets me do this however, when trying to route the audio using the External Audio Effect effect, the receiving channel gets no audio. Any idea why this might happen? I have not found anything in the manual to indicate why I shouldn't be able to do this. For what it's worth, when fading the width from 100% to 200% the audio simply fades out in the channel receiving the audio from the External Audio Effect effect.


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    Turns out if the External Audio Effect is sending audio to a mono channel then it won't send audio from either channel. I solved the problem by sending to a stereo channel instead.

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