Why does my playback to headphones while recording have a delay?

Hey guys so I'm learning to use legitimate consoles with PT at school, and when recording, I send the recorded audio back to the singer's headphones so they can hear themselves in the recording while they're singing. Does that make sense? I'm not exactly sure how to word it, but as they're singing and recording, they want to hear themselves through their headphones. The problem is, there's a short delay (maybe a second at most) after they sing that the sound comes back into their headphones. This trips them up and just generally causes me to have a pretty bad time while recording. I usually end up just muting their voice playback so they can't hear themselves out of the headphones with the music so it just isn't an issue.

How can I fix this? Thanks!



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    Hi there, 

    Generally speaking, you can reach the lowest latency possible for your signal if you completely avoid sending the signal through your DAW ( Live in this case ) before you send it to the headphone. 

    Ideally, you would send him the monitor signal directly from the interface or the console and set monitor to "Off" in Live. 

    However, sometimes a musician wants a certain effect on his monitor signal, in which case you would need to send it from the DAW. In this case latency can not be completely avoided, but noticeably reduced. 

    Latency can be reduced by lowering the buffer size in Live's preferences -> audio. 

    Fore setting up your audio preferences in more detail, we recommend following the tutorial videos on our Learn Live page right here: 


    The first, third and last video should be of particular interest for you, but it can't hurt watching them all. 

    Another way to decrease the latency for one particular track you are monitoring in Live would be activating "reduced latency when monitoring" from the options menu. This reduced the latency on the monitored track, but might put it out of sync with the rest of your set. 

    The following article explains this in more detail: 


    I hope those tipps were helpful. 



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