Why do 'fixed length' recordings start recording immediately?

Hi All.


If I press the record button on the Push1 Live drops in and starts recording on the next 1st beat, as expected, then I hit the record button again and it drops out on the next beat 1, no problem, but if I enable 'fixed length', Live drops in and starts recording immediately at whatever beat and bar it is at, of the 16 bar loop, so If I have a fixed length of 16 bars chosen I have to wait until the correct point comes around (32 bars seems like a f*cking eternity!), or start playing at, say beat 3 in bar 5 of 16. The place Live thinks it is at in the 16 bar loop is only revealed to me once I have pressed record, the chances of me keeping track of this whilst jamming and other stuff is slim to none. I expected Live to start recording at the next beat 1 and finish recording after 16 bars, then play what I have just recorded, all lined up and in time, have I missed something here? Global quantize is set to 1 bar. Thanks for your help.


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    Having exactly the same problem..

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