Why can't I import some midi and audio in Ableton?

I have run into some weird issues with importing audio and midi files into Ableton (something I've done a billion times before without any problems).


I've got a couple of .aif files and .mid files, extracted from a project in Logic on OS X and I want to open them in Ableton, which is on a Windows 7 based PC. 


When trying to preview the MIDI files in Ableton's browser, I get the "this file does not appear to be a valid MIDI file." message, and I'm not able to just drag it into the project from the folder directly. 

When trying to open the .aif files, it says "this file could not be read. It may be corrupt or not licensed.". 

I have no idea what is wrong with the whole ting, so I hope someone has tried something like this and found a solution or at least an explanation. 

I am uncertain as to which version of Logic the files are bounced from, but I am working with Ableton Live Suite 9.7 (also tried with the most recent beta, but no change). 


The problem ONLY shows up regarding these specific files. 

Hope someone can point me in the right direction. 



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  • lazlo.kovaks
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    I have the same problem: export of Logic Pro session as WAV files (one for each track); they won't play in iTunes and Ableton Suite 9.7 rejects them as "not audio files". Both Logic and Live are on OSX systems, everything up to date but no recent upgrades. Can I convert the WAV files somehow?

    10 months ago | 0 comments

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