Why can't I use "insert time signature change"

I'm using Intro 8 and although "insert time signature change" is in the pulldown menu it won't let me select it. From everything I've read online it seems this feature is included with the Intro edition. I'm want to speed up the bpm in the middle of a song by 16 bpm. I'm using the easy drummer bully kit through the midi note editor and just can't figure out an equation to make it work at 16 bpm or anything close while having the "graph" editor remain in the same bpm.  If anyone could help or suggest another way to speed up the tempo you would make me very happy! I am just learning how to use the program so it may be something very obvious I just don't know about.


r.c. smitty 6 years ago | 0 comments

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    Are you using session view or arrangment view?

    In session view, you simply need to name a scene with the tempo you want. EG. "127 bpm Chorus" or "6/4 80bpm Breakdown" etc.

    In arrangement view, you need to add a annotation (I forget what it is called) by right clicking the along the top of the grid and put the desired bpm in the note, EG. "4/4 65 bpm Intro" etc.

    Hope this helps. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll do my best to help out.

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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