Why can't I use .adg drum hits in Impulse?

I can drag and drop .wav files from the drum hits folder into Impulse.

I can't do the same with drum hits in .adg format, e.g. 'Rim C78.adg'.

Why not, and is there a way round it?

I'm using Live 9 Lite.

(I appreciate this is a very newbie question... because I am a newbie! Apologies and thanks for your help.)



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    To find the sample that the .adg uses, load the .adg into a new channel, then right-click in the main sample window of the .adg (the area that shows either a waveform or "Multisample Mode"). Choose "Show in Browser" from the menu that pops up. Some of the samples that come with Live are in .wav format, others are in .aif format.

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