why can't i save my files as a .wav?

i've just started working on the ableton software (and hopefully the console soon) and made my 1st track the other day. when i tried to save the file was a master .wav the only thing it saves is the kick drum at the beginning of the song--just 1 sec. i have no idea why it's doing that but it sucks to go through this. i want to make more tracks and learn the software but i can't if the .wav files won't save ALL the music i recorded.


boot-cheese-3000 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Street Spirit
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    are you trying to export in mixer view or the arrangement? if so i would suggest finale export of wav in arrangement and make sure you select master as it well render/export all the tracks. good luck .. also make sure your markers are at the beginning and end of your track, thats about all i can think about and it should work if not Youtube has a shit load of tutorials on Live.

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  • AJonableton
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    i have the same problem, when i try to export audio in WAV format, i do see the file getting created but when you play through windows media player there is no data in the file and you dont hear any thing, can someone pls. help.

    P.S. i got a trial version like a year back, i never purchased the license, can this be a problem?



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