Why can't I change Sample Rate in Ableton?

I just set up a new workstation. As I was testing everything out, I noticed that my CPU usage was off the charts which is not normally the case for me. There was a constant clicking noise that generally comes with that as well.

I began trouble shooting, and realized that my sample rate was at 88.2 instead of the usual 44.1. It seems as though in the moving of my gear, the switch on my interface was moved. I have corrected the issue on my interface, but Ableton will not let me change in the preferences. The sample rate box is grayed out and I cannot change anything.

What am I doing wrong?


craigmcclellan 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • theaeolianmachine
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    I own a PreSonus FireStudio Tube, and I have the same issue. For me, it's because PreSonus' Universal Control controls the sample rate, so I have to set it outside of Live (Live updates the value accordingly). Either try the Hardware Setup button in the Audio tab under preferences, or check the driver software for your interface and see if you can set it there.

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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