Why can I rename some clips but not others?

I'm working on a project that is pulled from 4 tracks I received in WAV format. 2 drum tracks, a synth, and a voice. I imported all 4 tracks to Live as individual audio tracks and renamed each track appropriately. I'm working in arrangement view (I'm new to electronic music and I typically record guitar and vocals, linearly). 

Then I began slicing things up to get the overall flow between the 4 tracks. I created a 5th track as a workspace and muted it and began throwing  (copy/pasting) segments and phrases from each of my 4 sources onto this 5th workspace track. This 5th track is just a holding spot for these clips with the intent to rearrange them after I've found the pieces of my source tracks that I like and want to work with. 

So, I've grabbed 2 vox chunks and 2 synth chunks and all 4 are sitting in my workspace track. When I CTRL+R the 2 vox clips I'm able to rename them. This doesn't work for the 2 synth clips. Rename shows up in teh right click context menu for the vox clips but not for the synth clips. 

Since everything is coming from imported WAV, what's different here?



MokGiMa! 1 year ago | 1 comment

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