Why can i only get one midi column working??

I am a beginner and have been running through some tutorials. I have loaded a drum rack into the first midi column and it's all working fine. I can play notes through the keyboard and also through my midi.

I then have moved over to the second midi column and am trying to load some sounds. For example I have loaded up the grand piano. I have dragged and dropped it which is fine but I can't hear any sounds from it.

It is definitely being recognised as the 'Midi track IN indicator' is lighting yellow each time I push a key on either the keyboard or my midi controller...... just no sound for some reason!!!



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    There are loads of different things that could be causing this… For starters I'd set the MIDI Monitor to 'Auto' instead of 'In' and Arm the track running the Piano. 

    'In' allows you to essentially arm multiple tracks without actually arming them, anything set 'In' will pick up (or 'Monitor') MIDI based on the Input Channel and Type.

    'Auto' will allow a track to Monitor incoming MIDI note values when Armed, arming will also allow for Session/Arrangement recording.


    Check the MIDI Input Type (above In, Auto and Off), for a noob I'd just set it to 'All Ins' and ensure that Channel is set to 'All Channels'

    Check that your MIDI device is plugged in properly too and Track is enabled in MIDI Preferences

    Depending on the size of your keyboard you might also have it transposed too low or too high. Use the transpose button and hit some keys to see if makes any difference.

    Make sure the lane is also on and turn off and soloed tracks.

    Make sure that the Device is enabled

    Turn off any sends for that track and disable any effects (both audio and midi)

    Delete and re-add it

    Now that I think about it… the possibilities are almost endless…..

    Good luck..

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