Why C4 logged leaving the external MIDI keyboard shows up as C3 in Ableton Rack Pad

Can the log be believed?
Has anyone experienced a difference between the midi note sent out of their midi keyboard controller and the arriving midi note received within Ableton, say to play a single drum sample for example. 
I'm not talking about a spontaneous change in the note halfway down the cable. 
I'm talking about the perception of the note changing, based upon what two software's are telling me. 
I use an M-Audio Venom keyboard, the bundled Vyzex control software shows the outgoing note C4 in it's live log, yet Ableton records an incoming C3 note arriving in the drum rack pad.
I can shift 1 octave down on the midi keyboard and watch a C3 note logged leaving to arrive in Ableton as C2 in the drum rack pad.
I can work around all of this to trigger the right drums, as it is always the same note offset, but it makes things more complicated, also I am intrigued why it is happening.
It's tricky to actually work out which note I'm playing; C4 or C3, because it's a 49 key. I'm told Middle C is the 15th white key from left on a 49. 
In which case my M-Audio Venom needs shifting one octave away from default for Ableton to show it's receiving a C4. Whilst the Vyzex software live midi log still reports a C3 leaving the keyboard at that moment.
I can't believe Ableton could misinterpret the arriving note. So maybe the bundled Vyzex software with my midi keyboard is reporting the wrong note generated. 
Has anyone experienced a MIDI activity log software which records wrong notes, particularly if it's a Vyzex brand software?
Anyone know what I'm on about?

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