Why are my samples distorted?

When loading my .WAV samples into simpler och sampler (or when I preview them in the browser), they sound and look totally distorted. Like this: http://i64.tinypic.com/2s6airl.png

But when i preview them in MacOS Sierra, they sound totally fine. Have I recorded them in wrong format?


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    I encountered the same problem. I had collected various related samples together for use in Live and noticed that some, in Live's browser, appeared similar to the picture you provided and they also sounded awful when played back from browser, when played from a Live audio track or when played from Simpler or Sampler. (I'm running Live 9.7.5 in Windows 10 on Intel Core i5-7400 at 3 GHz, 8Gb RAM.) These odd-looking samples, however, could be loaded into sound editing software on the same PC where they looked normal and played back without problem.

    I mentioned some of my imported samples did not appear 'corrupted'; these were handled normally by Live. The recordings were all at 44.1 kHz sample rate and were Microsoft Wave .wav files. It seems that samples saved at 'regular' 32 bit depth were handled improperly, but if these were bit depth converted to either 24 bit depth or 32 bit IEEE floating point format Live could handle them without problem.

    Perhaps somebody from Ableton might be able to comment on this. (In my preferences Live is set to record WAV at 32 bit and does so successfully so bit depth itself does not appear to be an issue.) The Live manual, at page 216, refers to 'the enormous headroom of Live's 32-bit floating point audio engine' so maybe 'regular' 32 bit files not in floating point format are not compatible with such an engine.

    At any rate, in the meantime the workaround appears to be to batch process your 'corrupt' samples and save them in the corresponding IEEE floating point format, or convert them to 24 bit. (It seemed it made no difference if the 24 bit floating point IEEE format or 'regular' 24 bit format was selected.)

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