where to get akai drum kits?

i have the akai drum kits presets on my mac computer, but recently i have gotten a macbook and had to install everything on there. i have installed everything if not more on my macbook but i still cant find my live pack "akai drum kits" help would be greatly aprectiated


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    1.  Was it a live pack that was bundled with an Ableton controller?  If so, you'll probably find it on the disc with Live Lite Akai Edition.


    2. Or on your previous Mac, go to your Live library on the hard drive.

    Macintosh HD/Users/*your user name*/Library/Application Support/Ableton/Library/

    If you can locate the preset & sample files in there, copy them to the library in your new Macbook.


    3.  Create a Live session on the old Mac.  Add EVERY Akai preset to that session.  Select "collect all and save" from the File menu.  Be sure to check off all the "copy from library" buttons.  Save the session and copy it into the library on the new Macbook

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