Where/How can I take my production skills to the next level?

I have been producing for just under a year now, and I have learnt a tonne of stuff ( eq-ing, compressing, limiting, etc...) but now I seem to be stuck in a hole that is to high to simply climb out of. I can never finish a piece of music, only start a new one. My music doesn't sound as 'loud and clean' as I would like it to. Can someone tell me how I can literally just learn to produce better? I mean like what are the best courses which take you through everything or what youtube videos/books/articles help a lot? Money isn't really a problem for me (obviously I can't spend thousands) but I just don't know what to spend it on. I live in Scotland aswell so there is pretty much no tutoring. Answers much appreciated.


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  • Ed Zeppeli
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    If you've been producing for a little under a year I'd not be worrying about it too much. It takes THOUSANDS of hours to become great at it. 

    Keep writing tunes. You'll get there as long as you are committed, keep having fun and put the hours in. At some point in the future you'll realise that you're as good as you wanted to be... but you'll still always feel like you have a long way to go. At least that's what 20 years of producing has taught me. 

    If you do nothing else though you need to start finishing tunes. You can learn more from that discipline any other act IMO. Second to that, start sharing your music. Great feedback will help you improve, good feedback helps build confidence and even bad feedback can be a powerful driver too. :) 

    In terms of education. Talk to other producers, collaborate on stuff, watch tutorials on YouTube (I wish that had been around when I started! It would have saved me years of trial and error), listen to a lot of music and learn how to 'hear'. 

    There are online courses like the ones Point Blank do too that look really good. 

    Lastly, I've not read this, but I've heard good things about it.


    Hope that helps in some way. :) 



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  • andrewdunn
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    Ableton has several Ableton Certified Training Center's, both online and physical locations, around the world that you can learn from.

    Check them out here: https://www.ableton.com/en/certified-training/

    Shameless plug, I work with one of those ACTC's called Warp Academy, all of our courses are under $100, covering a wide variety of topics that will help you complete and finish more tracks.

    Check us out here: https://www.warpacademy.com/all-courses/



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