Where can I find all of the default device mappings for the apc40?

Simply turning every knob in every bank while flipping through every view in each device is tedious at best.  Is there a master list of the default mappings somewhere?  Also, does that include a list of what midi CC messages are sent by every control?


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    On this link there is an image with the cc's and a pdf with a lot of nerdy details about the protocol.



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    Hi guys hope you can help me with this


    I use an apc40 with live for live mixing, I use serato sl3 as an audio interface with a bacbook.


    I created a template using some of the akais pre midi setups ( manly clip lunches) and midi mapped the nobs the faders and the little buttons right on top of the faders.


    In my template I use 3 audio tracks each one with some rack effects and so.


    In between of each audio track (1,3,5) I use another 3 tracks (2,4,6) on this tracks I don’t load any clips. I just use them so I can have a vertical line with no lights between the channels 1,3, and 5


    What I wanted to do as I have seen tracktor users doing, is to use those chanels with no lights (no clips loaded) tu perform as VU meters.


    I understand this could be quite difficult as it requires some advance midi configuration…



    Any one can help me with this?



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