When I install a .alp file, how do I find it in Live?

I just downloaded the Ableten package. (http://www.ableton.com/able10-artist-packs)

When I click these packs, I'm asked for a install location and I enter one. However, I don't notice anything different in Live. 

Is there a place where these files end up? If I search for say 'Junie Morrison' or 'Junie'  nothing comes up. 

What don't I understand about live packs yet?

Thanks! And happy music making d:)


cosmicbdog 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • areys2
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    This did not help me. What does it mean "you should find on the location?" Because when I browsed to the file location in Windows Explorer (note I'm not a Mac user) there were no ALS files. I'm talking about searching in a location such as this: "C:\Users\a\Documents\Ableton\Factory Packs" Man you guys make some complicated software and/or have bad help on it.

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  • Amitsegall
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    some packs are installed directly into live's library (sound packs, instruments and such) and others as you wrote you need to tell a specific location where to install (artist packs for example) - after that you should find on the location a .als file of the specific pack or set.

    hope that helps in a way :)

    good luck

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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