When I install a .alp file, how do I find it in Live?

I just downloaded the Ableten package. (http://www.ableton.com/able10-artist-packs)

When I click these packs, I'm asked for a install location and I enter one. However, I don't notice anything different in Live. 

Is there a place where these files end up? If I search for say 'Junie Morrison' or 'Junie'  nothing comes up. 

What don't I understand about live packs yet?

Thanks! And happy music making d:)


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  • areys2
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    This did not help me. What does it mean "you should find on the location?" Because when I browsed to the file location in Windows Explorer (note I'm not a Mac user) there were no ALS files. I'm talking about searching in a location such as this: "C:\Users\a\Documents\Ableton\Factory Packs" Man you guys make some complicated software and/or have bad help on it.

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  • snepeju
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    On Windows:

    1. Start Live
    2. Double click the .alp
    3. Live unpacks the .alp (a dialog with a progress bar is shown).
      You need to wait for the install to finish before you install another pack.

    Repeat 2-3 for each .alp to install.

    The installed pack is by default stored at:
    C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Ableton\Factory Packs

    You can choose where Live installs the packs here:
    Options -> Preferences -> Library -> Installation Folder for Packs


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  • SW15H
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    I find this a little bit annoying too. If I've installed a .alp file and it installs things in various locations within Ableton it'd be nice to be able to view and explore just those things that I've just installed instead of having to guess what exactly I've just installed and where it might be. 

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  • Amitsegall
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    some packs are installed directly into live's library (sound packs, instruments and such) and others as you wrote you need to tell a specific location where to install (artist packs for example) - after that you should find on the location a .als file of the specific pack or set.

    hope that helps in a way :)

    good luck

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