When editing MIDI drum velocities, is there a way to see when it will switch to the next sample?

Now I am new, but I am assuming that each drum has multiple samples representing hitting a drum harder or softer.  Is there a way to see what velocity numbers correspond to the different samples for a given drum?






Elysian 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • [stm] Ableton staff
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    Hey Chris,


    This depends on how the sample layers are ordered. The edge velocity values can vary from preset to preset, therefore the only way to make sure is to open up the Zone Editor and look up what the edge values are. 


    Only you know them, note that Live will display the actual note velocity values to you in the ruler area as you edit them. 

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  • Eppe
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    Also, a practical way to work around this is when you're editing your midi, click on the little headphone symbol (the 'MIDI Editor Preview' button) above the piano roll in the midi editor, this way everytime you change the velocity of a midi note you hear the sample that's going to be played (even when the arrangement itself is not playing), so you hear exactly when it triggers a different sample.

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