Is it possible to make a button that when clicked, disables monitoring on a midi track, but only once the current midi notes have finished playing

So, I'm using a digital piano as a midi keyboard on Ableton and I'm using Ableton to generate the sounds. I've got an akai lpk25 mini midi controller keyboard set up so that each key toggles the arm on/off of an Ableton track (for example, the C key of the lpk25 might toggle the arm on/off of the track containing a Hammond organ preset, and the F key of the lpk25 might toggle a grand piano preset). The problem is as follows:

Imagine I'm currently playing a chord on my digital piano, and I have Ableton set to have just the Hammond organ track armed. If I want to change sound, perhaps to an electric piano sound, then I would simply press the appropriate key on the lpk25 to disarm the hammond track, then press the appropriate key to arm the electric piano track. BUT... What if I want to change to the electric piano sound, but still hold the hammond organ chord until I release the keys? How can I achieve this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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wobblybob76 4 years ago | 0 comments

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