What's the "scale" setting in Sampler doing?

Sampler has a "scale" setting (default: 100%) on the Sample page. What does it do? I could not find it in the manual.


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  • edm Ableton staff
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    This changes the amount in which the pitch of the sample is altered by the note you play. If you set it to zero you should end up with the sample playing at the same pitch regardless of the note you play.


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  • nebulae
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    To add to edm's answer, common uses for this setting are:

    1. Using atonal scales set scale to less than 100% and the pitch will go "out of tune" 
    2. This could be useful in recreating old analog synths, which are notorious (and lovely) in how they go out of tune
    3. Set scale to 0% for a drum or other sample for which you may not want the pitch to change no matter which key you strike.
    4. This is useful if you're on stage and want to slam on your midi keyboard, and no matter how sloppy you play, the same pitch will play.
    5. Setting the scale slightly can lead to all sorts of weirdness, which can be cool.

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